Oroszország Ukrajna elleni támadásának elitélése!

A lehető leghatározottabban elítéljük az Orosz Föderáció kormányának közelmúltbeli lépéseit.  Ez a provokálatlan támadás sérti az alapvető emberi jogokat, a nemzetközi jogot, valamint Ukrajna területi integritását és szuverenitását.

Több ország ENSZ ifjúsági küldötteivel közösen megfogalmazott nyilatkozat szöveget itt érhető el:



Our thoughts are with the Ukrainian people, especially young people who will suffer the worst consequences of the attacks.

We condemn, in the strongest possible terms, the recent actions of the government of the Russian Federation. This devastating, unprovoked attack violates fundamental human rights, international law, and Ukraine’s territorial integrity and sovereignty. 

We are deeply concerned about the flagrant violation of Article 2(4) of the UN Charter and how calls for diplomacy and deescalation have been ignored. Young people are looking to their leaders and asking what world they will inherit. The violations of the international rule-based system are a danger to our future. We urge for an immediate ceasefire to save the lives of millions of civilians. We highlight the importance of peace from the perspective of youth and call on the United Nations, especially the UN Security Council, to react immediately to restore international peace and order.

Youth Delegates to the UN remain in full solidarity with Ukraine and united in support for its territorial integrity and the freedom of its people to decide their future independently.

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