Rivers connect us. A folyók összekötnek minket.

Domokos has created a project about recycling, and have been holding workshops in Hungary, Ukraine and now also in Germany. One of the Hungarian EU Youth Delegates Enikő Gosztom has also joined her today in a high school in Passau. They visited the Auersperg-Gymnasium in Passau to be present at the artistic design of the paper bins and to talk to the children about the project and the need for environmental protection. The connection between Passau and the two youth delegates is the Danube, which also flows through Vienna and Budapest and whose protection should be a common concern of all of us. At the beginning, the 6th graders learned about the effects of packaging waste and after the paper bins had been artistically designed, the two guests playfully explained to the students which paper waste belongs in the new bin and which does not. Only in this way can children learn to take responsibility for the future of our planet and for the clean water that crosses borders.
Enikő shared her experiences about the project:
„We have visited a class of 6th graders related to the project. For me as an EU Youth Delegate it was an amazing opportunity, not just because I am an educational science major but because our period`s one of the main topics is sustainability so it completely matched with my interests. As we both study in German, we hold a playful german workshop about how to implement recycling, and how youngsters can contribute to cleaner enviroment and rivers- just as the Danube, which connects Passau, Vienna and Budapest- so it also connects the youngsters, Domokos, and me.”
Lower school teacher Christian Schöttner initiated an environmental campaign in which students design their own paper bins out of cardboard. They remain in the respective class for several years and are intended for waste separation. The group of volunteers empties the paper waste on their own responsibility on a weekly basis.
During the day they visited the President of the University Passau. During the meeting they present them the German version of the book „Ezer éve Európa közepén – A magyar állam karaktere” to Prof. Dr. Ulrich Bartosch. The book (Der ungarische Staat) is an interdisciplinary overview about the Hungarian, which presents presents all the characteristics of the Hungarian state. It was published by Springer-Verlag in January 2021. The proofreader of the book was Bence Bauer, former student of the University of Passau and now also director of the German-Hungarian Institute for European Cooperation at the Mathias Corvinus Collegium. Maximilian Feigl, President of the MUN Society Passau, was also present at the meeting. He shared their ongoing projects and successes of the previous year.
As last part of the day Enikő and Domokos visited the Hungarian Institute Passau. Mehrl Nándor, who is president of the Hungarian organization and coordinates the work of the Hungarian school and kindergarten showed the youth delegates the new place of a community place. They hope to have this new place as a heart of the culture and educational activities of the Hungarian diaspora in Passau. Enikő explained at the meeting the possibilities of the different projects of the EU which could support the work of the institute. She shared her experiences from previous youth exchanges of the European Solidarity Corps and will provide more information, so the Hungarian Institute Passau can apply.
The youth delegates had a great time in Passau and will work together.
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